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Before and After: Novak Residence
September 15, 2011, 9:30 am
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It’s not a true comparison to put our “before” photos, primarily taken for purposes of documentation and reference, to those of Lincoln Barbour‘s “after”, which are shot by a professional and styled to showcase the design.  (And Lincoln is particularly good at making everything look fabulous – see him at work in our previous post.)  I should also add that the owners, Rachel and Mike Novak, are very clean and stylish people, and the “before” photos don’t do their previous life any justice.  It just so happened that I took the photos on a Portland winter day, when things look especially dreary.  And I think the owners were clearing the cabinets to prepare for construction. (You can see another post about this project here, where we explain our project concept in more detail.)

So, the before/after photos are not intended to scrutinize the “before”, but to show you the dramatic transformation between the “before” and “after”.  Our hope is that you can see good architecture at work:

  • warm natural and artificial lighting
  • simple, refined lines
  • openness and good flow of spaces
  • smart use of natural materials
  • an improvement to the space, and to quality of life

Let us know what you think.

And as always, we can’t do it without great clients (thanks Mike and Rachel) and a great contractor (thanks Scene Construction).  A fun project is always a collaborative process.

Rear elevation – before

Rear elevation – after

Rear elevation – before

Rear elevation – after

Rear mud room – before

Mud Room combined with Kitchen – after

What was the Mud Room – after

Looking into the Kitchen from the Dining Room – before

Looking into the Kitchen from the Dining Room – after


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Golly, Hiromi, but this looks beautiful! Great job! So clean and elegant and warm and inviting. An amazing transformation. The before and after exterior view is really something special!

Comment by Richard Howell

Thank you, Richard! I think the exterior really describes how the owners want to use their kitchen and yard – as a gathering place for family and friends. When the windows are open (which is often), it feels like a sidewalk cafe.

Comment by Hiromi

This looks great–really impressive work! I love it-

Comment by Rachel Rosner

Thank you, Rachel!

Comment by Hiromi

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